500 Series P501 Audio Processor

The P501 provides a high quality tracking solution in a single width 500 Series compatible module.


The only 'channel strip' solution for the lunchbox® with mic pre/hi pass filter/compressor/limiter and dual bargraph metering.


Flexible choice of mic, instrument and line level inputs feeding the class leader in tracking compressors featuring the multistage peakride system; wonderfully smooth on vocals and great for tightening up bass lines.


Check out the great features below.

Excerpts from the MusicTech Magazine Review of the P501 Audio Processor; review by Mark Cousins


Mark Cousins is a successful composer, programmer, engineer and writer. Mark has had his works performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the East of England Orchestra, City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and the Brighton Festival Chorus, and is currently senior reviewer at MusicTech. Mark writes about the P501:


'The objective of Peakride compression is to provide ultra-transparent gain control - minimising unwanted damage to transients through over-compression as well as avoiding signal distortion due to mismatched attack and release settings. As a result of the Peakride system, the P501 is a breeze to set up and configure. The auto gain makeup also makes experimentation far easier enabling you to explore different threshold or ratio settings without having to constantly re-adjust the output stage.


The quality of the compression itself is remarkably effective, both in its ability to provide a more even set of dynamics while recording to a DAW and its ability to lock a part into the mix without it sounding overly squashed.


For anyone needing an efficient compressor that easy to use, it’s hard not to recommend the P501. As a combination of both preamp and compressor/limiter, it forms an ideal front end to a DAW setup.'