Welcome to Safe Sound Audio. We are a specialist audio company based in West Yorkshire, UK.


Our products are being designed to offer a new generation of analogue processors which aim to deal with some of the limitations of traditional analogue processing especially in audio compression and limiting.


Safe Sound Audio's first product, the P1 analogue processor, gained a strong reputation in music studios for its open sound and very smooth multi-sideband 'peakride' compressor. Having gathered a lot of user feedback we have been pressing ahead with a number of new products based on the same innovative design principles first applied to the P1.


Our latest product, the Tracking Toolbox, is a major upgrade to the P1 with a new discrete mic amp front end coupled with the excellent peakride tracking compressor.


Unlike many mass produced products on the market today which tend to be manufactured in the far east, our products are 100% designed and manufactured in the UK with as many components sourced in the UK as possible. This 'local' approach also extends to the care we take in the final assembly and test of our products and in our 'customer comes first' approach to customer service.


We have a number of other new products in the pipeline so please visit our website on a regular basis to keep up to date with the latest news.


Meanwhile if you require any further information on our company and products, please contact us here.