Nov 23


Safe Sound Spanish/Portuguese distributor wins top award



We are pleased to celebrate that Safe Sound distributor 'Mastering Mansion Madrid' have won the Prize for "Best Sound Facilities 2011" (Mejor Instalación de Audio 2011) given by the prestigeous magazine "Producción Audio".  Well done!





Nov 18


New White Paper explains the design of peakride audio compression


Peakride compression has been at the heart of most Safe Sound products since we started up back in 2003.  This new White Paper explains how the design came about and why it is such an excellent way to compress single audio sources either during tracking or as part of mixdown processing.


Peakride Audio Compression White Paper






Nov 15


UNLOCK the secrets of Mid/Side Processing


Audio recording using mid/side techniques has been around for many years, especially in recording live performances.  But what happens if you do it in reverse and derive Mid and Side from a ‘normal’ Left/Right stereo signal?  You have a very powerful mixdown and mastering tool for bringing width and positioning to elements within the mix.  Safe Sound's chief designer Rob Campbell explains how to make a start in Mid/Side processing with a range of audio examples to help demonstrate what can be achieved with this powerful yet accessible technique.


Mid/Side Processing White Paper







Nov 7


PRICE DISCOUNTS at the Music Production Show


KMR Audio will be offering discounts on a whole range of audio equipment, including on Safe Sound gear, at this week's Music Production Show in London at the Emirates Stadium on Fri/Sat 11/12 November.  So if you are planning to go to the show (and you should!) then check out the KMR stand and get buying!








Nov 5


Tracking Toolbox video on YouTube


Warren at ZenPro Audio has just finished running a whole bunch of audio clips through the new Tracking Toolbox.


Check out the video below



You can listen to a wider selection of audio clips in Warren's unique Clipalator


The Safe Sound Tracking Toolbox can be selected in both 'Compressors' and 'Preamps' categories.  You'll find a wide selection of high quality audio clips in both sections.  Enjoy!