Try before you buy - without the hassle!


Here’s the offer

You’re looking to buy a new audio processor and Safe Sound is on your 'wish list'.  You’ve read all about the features and specifications.  You’ve read, and maybe listened to some of our customer reviews; but you would like to hear how the Safe Sound audio processor performs using your own source material before making your final decision.


Now you can!

Send us your favourite audio clips and we’ll process them through your selected Safe Sound gear.  You can specify your favourite processor settings or just tell us the type of effect you are looking to achieve.


Then we send the processed clips back to you.



Clips can be sent as either mono or stereo 16bit 44.1kHz wav files or 16bit 44.1kHz 320KB/sec mp3 files.


It makes sense to send audio clips which have not already undergone the type of audio processing which you want to evaluate.  In particular, avoid over compressed sound samples.


If you want to take advantage of this offer please complete the form below and click send.  We’ll acknowledge receipt and arrange to download your audio clips, process them and send them back via Dropbox.

Sending files via Dropbox

Enter 'via Dropbox' in the line above.

Put the audio files into a single folder and send an invitation to share the folder to

Make sure the e-mail address you have entered in the form above is the same one as for your dropbox account.  Any problems then contact us by e-mail.

Pressing SEND means you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of this offer shown below.  Please read these carefully before sending in your application.

Terms and Conditions of Offer


Safe Sound will process a maximum of three audio clips through your choice of Safe Sound audio processor. Clips should be a maximum of 60 seconds in duration. You can request the same audio clip to be processed more than one way, but this counts as multiple clips.


Clips can be sent as either mono or stereo 16bit 44.1kHz wav files or 16bit 44.1kHz 320KB/sec mp3 files


Processed clips will be returned in the same format as they were sent.


The preferred method for Safe Sound to receive clips is via Dropbox but we will download from any ftp server which we are given access to.


Safe Sound will return processed files via Dropbox. Files will be available for downloading for 48 hours after notification that they are available.


In order to make processing time available to as many people as possible, this offer will be limited to one application per person within any one month period.


All audio clips supplied to Safe Sound must either be the copyright of the sender or they must have specific permission of the copyright owner. The sender agrees to indemnify Safe Sound against any copyright infringement claim brought against Safe Sound as a result of sending Safe Sound audio clips which do not conform to the above conditions.


In sending the clips for processing you, and by implication the copyright holder if a third party, are agreeing that Safe Sound may upload the original and processed clips on their website solely for the purpose of demonstrating the capabilities of the Safe Sound equipment.